Workshop Leaders

The International Child Art Foundation invites field experts and eminent educators be they artists, scientists or technologists from across the United States or from around the world to host workshops or activities for children at their world festival in Washington, D.C. The WCF2015 includes a three-day educational event at The Ellipse—“President’s Park” south of The White House.

  • Tuesday, June 30th is Health & Environment Day (concerns shared by every children)

  • Wednesday, July 1st is Creativity & Imagination Day (the inner world of the child and his or her creative potential enhancement)

  • Thursday, July 2nd is Peace & Leadership Day (the development of empathy so the child cooperates with out-groups and helps others)

All workshops and activities are based on STEAMS Education—the ICAF’s pioneering approach that integrates STEM disciplines with art and culture (signified by the "A") and sport and play (the "S") for children’s holistic development.

It takes but a single generation to upend world’s history of violence and abject poverty, fostering a culture of peace and prosperity. Our children are the creative generation that can bring about this transformation. They need your guidance and support. The WCF provides a window of opportunity for you to inspire them. You will have the opportunity to talk to them, listen to their concerns, play or paint with them, touch the future and help shape it.

Please apply online now or download the application and email or mail it to the ICAF by May 31, 2015.

You are also welcome to celebrate the children at their Awards Banquet. This is the only ticketed event of the WCF2015.

workshop leaders