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The WCF is planned by the ICAF staff and volunteers and is staged by the children, especially the ICAF Youth Board Members.

The ICAF has nearly twenty years of experience in planning and staging children’s events. The WCF producer Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq organized the first-ever national children’s art festival in U.S. history, which took place in Washington D.C. in September 1998. Since then he has produced four WCFs on The National Mall in Washington, D.C. He directed the European Children’s Festival at the Olympia Park in Munich, Germany and has curated more than a dozen child art exhibitions in the United States and several countries around the world. Dr. Ishaq has also organized and moderated children’s panels at major international conferences on business or cultural development.


Apparel & Design Director: Katty Guerami
Creative Team: Aurora Colon and Allison Carlin
Education Coordinator: Emma Perron, Katherine Curran, Sarah Weber and Wenjin Chung
Event Planning Coordinator: Laura Ramage
Fundraising Team: Krista Lee and Megan Schindler
IT Team: Melissa Quijada
Webmaster: Malia McLaughlin Website Design: EL Johnson
Media Team: Lucy Ramonat, Kristen Verille and Yaqi Liu
Performances Coordinator: Duong Bach
ICAF Summer Camp: Kelly Burdette (Docent), Lauren Fernandez (Education Coordinator),
                                    Alexia Jacoby (Creativity Officer) and Aero Zhou (Logistics Coordinator)
ICAF Youth Board Coordinator: Solomiya Bolyukh
Art Licensing Advisor: Patti R. Becker
WCF Advisors: Portia Davidson, Christopher Macrae
WCF Awards Banquet Coordinator: Adrianna Caruso
Host Family and Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Thoresen
Production Coordinator: Ryan Wiskerchen