Kids Celebrate Creativity, Diversity, and Unity

This is your world festival! It is free for you and you are most welcome.

You will meet kids from around the world, participate in workshops and activities with them, come to know them and develop friendships.

Each festival day has a unique focus. July 31st is Health & Environment Day. August 1st is Creativity & Imagination Day. August 2nd is Peace & Leadership Day. Your world festival opens at 10:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm. On August 3rd the World Children’s Awards Banquet will take place.

If you are a musician or performer, you can apply to showcase your talents on the “World Stage”!

You can help create a better future by supporting the world festival. Arrange a fundraiser at your school for the WCF or make a charitable donation if you can.

For more, please review this brief on the WCF 2020.

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