WCF Overview

wcf 2020 festival area

The World Children’s Festival is an educational event that cultivates creativity and grows mutual empathy in a setting of global community.

Creativity and empathy are the key human attributes that can shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution for humanity’s betterment and fruition of children’s collective dreams.

The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) identifies the world’s most imagination schoolchildren—its child artists—through its Arts Olympiad, the world’s largest school art program. The U.S. Olympic Committee has granted ICAF an exclusive license to use the ‘Arts Olympiad’ mark and is a co-insured party at the World Children’s Festival (WCF), held every four years as the Olympics of children’s imagination.

The current 6th Arts Olympiad winners from the participating U.S. school districts and nearly 100 countries will convene in Washington for the WCF next year, which will include a three-day public celebration of “Creativity, Diversity, and Unity” at the National Mall on July 30th to August 1st of the 2021 school year..

The WCF is an “intervention” that infuses creativity with empathy but appears to be a “maker event” where creative young souls will co-imagine and collaboratively produce:

  • (a) murals that depict harmony between the human industry and pristine earth,
  • (b) the “Children’s Earth Flag” for NASA’s first human mission to Mars, and
  • (c) VR Heaven, an immersive therapeutic virtual reality experience. (click on the logo for more)

VR Heaven logo

WCF logo design competition at 2014 Cannes Lions (50-seconds)

WCF2011 music performances (4-minutes)

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