Inspire with us…

The pandemic has disrupted our lives and deprived us of the joy of getting together, making new friends, and learning from each other. We are super excited to convene at the 2024 World Children’s Festival (WCF) to foster our creativity, showcase our talents, and develop mutual empathy for a prosperous and peaceful future.

The festivities will be live-streamed so we heal millions, raise their spirits, and create new hope for the world.

empathy is an art

Empathy for others—from all walks of life, all religions, and all nations—is the greatest American gift to the world.

Empathy does not come naturally. We must learn to see each other as inseparably human. We must intuit past the material and physical boundaries that exaggerate differences.

When we learn to experience empathy, we realize that diversity and differences enhance prospects for self-discovery and collaborative innovation.

What can you do?

Come join us to celebrate “Creativity, Diversity, and Unity” — foundations for peace and prosperity in our world.

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