Performance Application

A 40×40-foot stage with a sound system is set up on the National Mall as the “World Stage” where schoolchildren can showcase their talents. Adult performers are not allowed. Next to the “World Stage” is a changing room. Schoolchildren perform facing the U.S. Capitol.

Any performing arts group, ensemble, band, or school troupe can apply to perform on the World Stage. Solo performers, singers or dancers can apply as well. We do not charge an application fee nor a WCF registration fee. We will appreciate your support by purchasing tickets to the WCF Awards Banquet on the evening of August 2nd where performers receive their certificates.

The festival’s education framework is as follows:

  • Sunday, June 30th: Health & Environment Day. Sharing risks and concerns common to all.
  • Monday, July 1st: Creativity & Imagination Day. Developing potential for peak performance.
  • Tuesday, July 2nd: Peace & Leadership Day. Acquiring skills that inspire teamwork.

To host a performance, you must complete the following form.

Performance Application Form

Example performances