“At the Festival, the idea of “older children teaching younger kids” influenced me the most.

ICAF wanted to teach art and creativity to our community – so many other people do – but ICAF did this through the kids. Through us. And I decided to carry on ICAF’s mission – through myself. Out of the World Children Festival of 2007 was born a small youth volunteer organization – WizArt Club. My creation was aimed at fostering artistic creativity in my community – an ICAF on a smaller scale – by providing free monthly art classes in the public libraries in my area.”

– Stanislav Nedzelskyi (Texas 3rd Arts Olympiad winner and delegate to 2007WCF)

Check out what have

Check out what have


“art and creativity are tools for building a better future.

Through art, dance, music and a lot smiles and love, each group had a rare opportunity to act as peace and cultural ambassadors, and communicate their unique cultural excellence with similar groups of children from other parts of the world. Such extended capacity to celebrate each other’s differences, is the most important trade we hope for in these young human beings that are the world’s next generation of leaders.”

– Gilad Benamram and Guy Frenkel, Melody Street, Los Angeles, CA (2011WCF)