“A child’s artwork is the most honest and purest form of human creative expression.” – Ashfaq Ishaq


The educational workshops and training at the WCF are based on STEAMS education to integrate Art and Sport with the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. On July 30th , you learn about Health & Environment, on July 31st about Creativity & Imagination, and on August 1st about Peace and Leadership. Each workshop is for 50-minutes, and several take place simultaneously. We invite subject matter experts to apply to host a workshop at our next WCF!

Collage of kids.


A host of different activities take place every hour at the WCF from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Here are three examples. On July 30th , we will paint murals that show the harmony between human industry and pristine Earth. On July 31st , we will collaboratively produce the “Children’s Earth Flag” for NASA’s first human mission to Mars. On August 1st , we will paint our heaven for https://VRheaven.org. We invite you to propose to host an activity at our next WCF!

Collage of activities.


The WCF is known for electrifying performances by school troupes, ensembles, bands, choirs, dance groups, musicians, and singers. No adult performers are allowed. See this 4-minute music clip. We invite you to apply to host a performance on the World Stage at our next WCF.

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